• Black Tie Awards Rules

  • Black Tie Awards - Terms & Conditions

    All nominees must operate and/or work in the Cowichan Valley Regional District.

    Nominations must include the nominator’s name and contact information to be valid.

    Black Tie organizers reserve the authority to place nominations in the appropriate category.

    All nominators must be contacted by voice/phone in order for the nomination to move forward.

    • Organizers will make a maximum of 3 attempts to reach each nominator.
    • Organizers cannot be held at fault if such attempts are unsuccessful.


    Past winners cannot be finalists in a 6 year period following their win. The list of past winners is available here.

    Nominations from family, extended family, blended family and spouses are not eligible.

    Award Sponsors may not place nominations, nor be nominated in the Award category they are sponsoring.

    Employees of Black Tie Award sponsors are not eligible. However, a business that belongs to a sponsor's employee, and that business being completely separate from and independent of, the Award sponsors, is eligible.

    Employees and co-workers of Black Tie organizers are eligible to be nominees/finalists in the Customer Service category.

    Businesses that employ Black Tie organizers are not eligible to be nominees/finalists in any category with the exception of the Customer Service category.

    Black Tie organizers cannot be individual finalists in any category. If an organizer accepts a nomination, he/she must step down from their organizing duties.