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    Bullseye specializes in custom granite and quartz fabrication and installation, to reach your needs for your style of counter-tops, floor, bathrooms and showers.

    Granite is a natural stone, and quartz is an engineered material. Along with beauty and lifelong endurance of granite or marble it enhances the beauty and comfort of your home and outdoor living space. Bullseye the Granite Guy specializes in custom fabrication and installation to reach your needs for your style of counter-tops, floor, bathrooms and showers.

    When Chris first picked up a stone tool back in 1999, he had the privileged to work with some of the best Italian fabricators and installers. Once Chris had realized just how experienced these gentleman were, he became very invested in their style of craftsmanship, they were loyal, persistent and very particular in the final granite product for the customer. Chris was very fond of this and with the end result of a job, he was “sold”, he told himself “this is for me!” Chris wanted to do this just like they did. So over the years with working with excellent men with absolutely fine craftsmanship there was a significant amount of respect built among us as a team.

    Chris has learned to apply the same abilities in his craftsmanship ever since and it has always paid dividends to both the customer and tradesman. Along with your choice of beautiful stone comes with it, custom fabrication and installation. Bullseye the Granite Guy provides excellent customer service, free quotes and estimates and is always prompt with appointments and deadlines. Bullseye the Granite


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