• You can't put a price on belonging
    Annual Membership Investments and Classifications


    Welcome to the exciting world of opportunities provided by our Chamber membership. Here is a quick guide to everything you need to know.

    When you invest in a membership with our Chamber, you're not just signing up for a slew of benefits, but you're also making a wise business decision. As a welcoming bonus, your investment renews annually on your join date and is considered a tax-deductible business expense, an added sweetener for your company's financial health.

    In the spirit of community, part of your membership investment is allocated to our parent organization, the BC Chamber of Commerce. This unique arrangement opens up a world of benefits and preferential pricing that extends to all employees of your company. Isn't that something!

    Annual Membership Investment Includes:

    • Show off your business with a colourful logo in our Online Business Directory listing.
    • Boost your visibility with the advantage of multiple listings in our Business Directory.
    • Stay in the know with our weekly eNews, keeping you updated on all the latest business happenings.
    • Expand your network and discover new opportunities with our Member-to-Member Discount Program.
    • Enjoy a wider audience reach with your print materials displayed in our Visitor Centre.
    • Unlock special rates and discounts through the BC Chamber, designed to add value to your membership.
    • Rest assured, knowing you have the opportunity to join the Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan.
    • Get all Chamber events at a member-friendly rate, opening avenues for networking, learning, and growth.
    • Simplify your international trade with our complimentary Certificates of Origin.
    • Wear your membership with pride with an official Membership Certificate and Proud Member decal.


    Membership Investment Rates:

    Business 1 – 2 Employees                    $225.00 + $11.25 = $236.25

    Business 3 - 14 Employees                   $265.00 + $13.25 = $278.25

    Business 15+ Employees                       $425.00 + $21.25 = $446.25

    Other Membership Types                       $185.00 + $9.25 = $194.25

    • Business Affiliate: For realtors and multi-business owners associated with a primary member.
    • Chamber Affiliate: For members of other Cowichan Region or Island Chambers.
    • Non-Profit Organizations: Reduced rates for community service clubs, registered charities, and non-profit organizations.