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    ''Changing Individual’s Perspective on Fitness to Encompass Integrity of Both the Mind & the Body''

    What we do: Change Fitness is a boutique gym studio that provides 1:1 and 2:1 personal training & group fitness classes, individualized online gym or at home programs through our Change Fitness App, as well as individualized goal setting sessions that use science based methods to create small habit changes in what we would consider to be your ''Pillars of health'' (Because, what's the first thing that's going to fall off when you don't have your nutrition, stress levels, gut microbiome, sleep & work-life balance under control? That's right, your fitness!). At Change Fitness, we take a holistic approach to your health & wellness, because it works.

    Change Wellness is our Corporate Branch, which provides organizations with the tools necessary to establish health & wellness as pillars in the workforce; leading to positive outcomes in efficiency, productivity, company culture and employee satisfaction. Change Wellness has brought together Global Organizations in order to provide your employees with wellness webinars, individualized or group goal setting sessions, as well as a health and wellness app.

    Where we are: Shawnigan Lake & Kerry Park for in studio, and online worldwide.

    Our goal at Change is to educate the community regarding the importance of movement, nutrition and a healthy mindset in order to improve all areas of life.

    Change is about YOU!


    Corporate Employee Health & Wellness Programs
    1: 1 Personal Training Sessions
    2:1 Personal Training Sessions
    Small Group Fitness Classes: Shawnigan Studio
    Kerry Park HIIT Classes: Monday Nights
    Hybrid Training: Goal Setting Sessions, In Studio + Online Workouts
    Online Fitness Training (App)
    Change Fitness App
    Corporate Employee Health & Wellness Programs
    CEO & COACH- Steph

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