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    Dancia Motors LTD.



    About Us

    Through honesty, communication, consistency and quality,
    Dancia Motors exists to cultivate the spirit of motoring and to
    embrace both the old and the new. We are dedicated to providing
    a positive and friendly experience to our customers.

    Our customers need to be safe and to feel confident, not only in
    their vehicles but also in their servicing needs. Our employees are
    thorough, friendly and trusted team members. We believe in
    our team's ongoing training and commitment to the next
    generation of honest and competent technicians.

    In 1986, Henning Kristensen and his Wife, Monica, opened an auto repair shop specializing in Volvo - Henning’s personal favourite marque! Henning knew that the new company needed a Scandinavian name, but every idea he submitted was already registered. While doing some renovations at home, Henning and Monica chose some tiles…DANCIA tiles! Monica thought “Dancia Motors” sounded pretty Scandinavian, so Henning submitted the name…and it was approved!