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    Knightway Mobile Haulers is the professionals you want to use for your next big or small moving or building installation project. We are experienced in moving and installing all types of portable structures here on Vancouver Island and across western Canada.
    We’ve been around for 40 years and the original founders continue to lend their vast experience to the team. Whether the project is for school portables, temporary office structures, washroom units, mobile homes, or modular building, we always have the right equipment to do the job.
    Knightway Haulers can handle the toughest jobs with precision. We also regularly employ cranes for the more difficult situations. We can handle any modular home or portable structure move and ensure it gets delivered and professional installed at your new location, without any stress. On top of all this, our safety standards are constantly being raised higher, with the highest rating coming from ICBC. You can take confidence that you will have a well-managed team to work on your site that will maintain a high level of communication with you during your project.
    We have built a great relationships over the years with Dealers, Construction Companies, Vancouver Island & British Columbian businesses, as well as with many home owner building moves and relevels. We service the entire Island from Victoria to the far north, as well as British Columbia and Alberta. We will always do our best to meet your schedule and we will always do our best to accommodate the particulars of your individual move or installation.


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