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    About Us

    Waste less, live more is the model upon which a new Cowichan Valley business has formed. PlentiFILL, a refillery and sustainable living store, recently opened in downtown Duncan with the hope of encouraging waste reduction and a greener way of life.
    Launched by sisters-in-law Krystal Aikman and Stephanie Farrow, the store gives Cowichan residents the opportunity to refill old containers with new products like shampoo, dish soap, toothpaste, tea and even garlic salt. There are also many vegan and organic options spread out throughout the store. Customers without their own refillable containers have the option to use one of the many donated ones available instore or purchase some of their own, too.
    The foundation upon which the store was built started forming many years ago. Originally, it was the sisters’ distaste of excessive packaging that sparked the idea to open a refillery and sustainable goods store.
    “If we can reuse our containers, we’re just diverting it from landfills,” Farrow says.“Recycling doesn’t work all the time. People are sort of lulled by it, they believe it’s working but the energy spent in creating the packaging and the energy spent in recycling is just not worth it.
    The shop, warmly lit and user-friendly, offers a variety of items in the categories of bath and body, kitchen, cleaning, laundry and “‘foodie delights”’ which includes high quality teas, coffee, filters and more.


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