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    Polaris Creative is here to help tell your story through images with our editorial and lifestyle food photography services. We are available to shoot on location or in our studio based in Vancouver Island, B.C. We also ensure that our clients are always present during the photoshoot, either in person or online during remote shoots.

    Restaurants, bars, bloggers, food and beverage producers, and cookbook authors are our specialty!

    We are artists with a passion for creating warm, comforting, and inviting food images for businesses that have as much love for fresh and locally-sourced food as we do.

    There is always a story behind the dish.

    Through our food photography, we capture that story and present it in a way that both catches the viewer’s eye and makes them hungry.

    We will work with your cook, stylist and the rest of your team to make your food photos speak and tell their stories the way you want them to.

    We know food, how it behaves, and how it needs to be plated to look delish. If you don’t have your own food stylist, we can do it.

    Every dish needs to look its best. We can provide backdrops, cutlery, dishes, linens, surfaces, and more, ensuring that everything complements the food.

    If you sell food — restaurants, bars, farmers markets — we can also create and print your branded print collateral to make sure you have one cohesive look. We also sell canvass prints.


    Charcuturie board featuring Island Good products
    Whipped shortbread from the Thrifty Foods bakery
    From farm to table Doukhobor Borshch
    Chicken korma
    Rainbow Harvest
    Freshly made garam masala
    Thai green curry
    Blueberry mocktail
    Salmon and pear salad
    Vegetarian samosa made with phyllo
    Mexican Casserole
    Potato scones with maple syrup