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    Soul Comfort was born from a simple need.

    Many years ago, I was a young mother who needed slippers for her newborn daughter's tiny feet. Slippers that would keep her feet warm and durable.

    When I made that pair of infant slippers for my little girl, I discovered I had made what people were looking for. The slippers were so durable and attracted so much attention that I began making them as gifts for friends and family members, and then as items to sell.

    Soul Comfort Sheepskin was born.

    But my love of all things wool goes back earlier.

    I grew up in Quebec, the daughter of two Dutch parents who survived WW2. They instilled in me the values of natural materials. In fact, I frequently heard them say that if it were not for wool, the soldiers in WW2 would not have made it. The wool socks combated foot rot, and the underwear, sheepskin jackets and overalls for the aviators helped them survive in planes with no heat.

    As a talented seamstress, my mother taught me how to sew and make patterns from an early age. This inspired me to start creating patterns for clothing and other items. At the age of nineteen I took a job with a furrier in Quebec where I learned how to work with high quality furs and discovered the soothing qualities of lamb’s wool. I decided that I wanted to create patterns for sheepskin and wool because of the many healing and comforting properties that it has.

    Today I have gained experience working with leather, sheepskin, sheep's wool and hemp.

    I work with wool not just because it is a passion but because I believe that natural fibers ar

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