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    Clothing, shoes, accessories and more for men and women!
    Wall Street Clothing was established in 1991 by the current owner Janine Wall. Her vision was and still is to offer forward, fun fashions mixed with quality, timeless basics. Wall Street carefully hand selects each piece with the idea of effortlessly integrating it into our customer’s wardrobes.

    Wall Street carries a full selection of popular name brands as well as Canadian and independent labels. Quality, stylish, and sustainability conscious brands are chosen. The emphasis is on customer service and providing a complete fashion experience.

    Wall Street Clothing is a full service boutique offering everything from a quick drop in shop to a full exclusive shopping experience. Wall Street offers unique services including:

    The Closet Cleanse
    Private Stylist Appointments
    After Hours Exclusive Shopping Parties

    Book your service today!

    We truly care about our customers and believe in building long lasting relationships built on trust and honesty.

    We are a proud locally owned company located in the Cowichan Valley, on Vancouver Island.


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