• $49 Coaching Session

    Offer Valid: 03/10/2024 - 03/15/2025
    Gain the clarity and confidence needed to move forward.
    Coaching is a partnership where the coach supports the client to clarify their goals, projects or passions and create a plan to bridge the gap from where they are now to where they want to be. Together, we get to cultivate your personal power and create possibility!

    To my coaching I bring respect and love along with rigour where I’ll call it like I see it, always in support of the clients’ highest and best. I hold a Professional Certified Coach designation and follow the ethical guidelines of the International Coach Federation, of which I am a member. 

    Coaching is not therapy and does not address trauma or mental health diagnosis. It is also not consulting, which means I will not give you advice to follow, you are after all, the expert in your own life.

    This specially priced coaching session for chamber members is intended for you to experience the power of coaching and get supported with what's most important to you right now. 

    To the session you may bring a current challenge, a new idea you are exploring, an area of your life where you feel stuck, a goal you would like to fill out and create actionable steps for or even just your curiousity and willingness to explore. 

    This 60 minute session is offered at $49 plus gst and will take place over zoom, or in your office if convenient for both parties. 

    Past coaching recipients have shared: 

    “It's amazing work that you do. Thank you for 'seeing Me' and breaking down my walls with just the right amount of pressure and compassion.” – Jen Scharien, Business Owner

    “I spent a valuable hour with Sheila to examine my goals and establish some new habits. I set a couple in motion, which are already paying off.” – Paul Mycroft, Business Owner

    “During my time with Sheila I was blown away with how the questions she asked helped me clarify my own ideas. Sheila guided me to vocalize what I truly value in my daily life and how to set attainable goals.” – Carling B.

    “I finally see and feel how to be fulfilled and live from my essence, my true-self. It feels great.” – Chris Wilkinson, Business Owner

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