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    Perhaps the best way to describe the Cowichan Trail Stewardship Society is to borrow an example from nature. If you’ve ever stopped and gazed at an ant colony along a trail, or anywhere else for that matter, you’ll know how industrious and dedicated they are. As a team, the worker ants diligently volunteer their time expanding and enhancing networks within the established colony. Conditions aren’t always ideal, but that doesn’t seem to phase them, for each has an innate connection with what they are doing and each knows that their efforts will benefit others.

    We may not be a frenzied colony of workers, but this example does aptly describe what we do at the CTSS: lots of people volunteering their time to make world-class trail networks in a place that they love and call home.

    Here is what we stand for:

    Sustainability – Our network of low-impact recreational infrastructure supports the region’s sustainable recreational tourism goals.
    Community – We build knowledge and capacity in all that we do, including organizing local and international events that showcase the natural beauty of the region.
    Pride – Building great trails is important work and we take great pride in creating extraordinary spaces that enhance people’s lives without causing undue harm to the natural environment.
    Principled – We respect the trail, wildlife and the environment and abide by the IMBA’s rules of responsible conduct. We design and build trails that limit environmental impact, reduce the use and hazards of unauthorized trails and minimize user conflict.
    Excellence – We create a fantastic outdoor experience by designing and building natural trails that are safe, environmentally friendly and respectful of all users.

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